The Best Handbag for the Perfect Outfit

We all like to look chic and put together from time to time. Magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, etc. along with style blogs tend to investigate what each celebrity is wearing from head to toe, with heavy scrutiny placed on the footwear and the bags that they carry. Though, you should count yourself lucky that you are not a celebrity who is constantly being analyzed for their fashion by a plethora of style magazines and blogs, it still is always a good option to have a few bags in your collection.

It is always time consuming and daunting for people to choose the right handbag for their outfits. Here is a small guide that will make this process a little less stressful on you:

The occasion

Some bags are just made for certain occasions, and some of them should just stay out of it! Take for example a gorgeous metallic clutch bag. This type of SCREAMS a formal office dinner party. You cannot be expected to take in a casual bag with you for this occasion. For a more casual occasion you can go for a small crossbody bag or a women’s shoulder bag.

Your body shape

This might sound a little odd, but choosing the right type of bag according to the shape of your body is important, and extremely useful. A person with a pear shaped body would do well with long waist length bags. Someone with an apple shape or hourglass body will benefit more from a Gucci shoulder bag than a saddle bag. If you are short and curvy you will do well with bags with longer handles, and those who are tall and curvy will find low-hanging bags more useful.

The color and the fabric

This is the last step. You have to match your clothes to the bags perfectly. You don’t want to go out looking like a grandma, who matches all the colors to a T. If you do wish to match the color of your bags and shoes to your dress then you either go a shade lighter or darker. Also make sure that you don’t completely match the fabric of the dress to the purse, it will be the perfect example of what awkward is. Don’t be too hesitant to match patterns together either. Just be very mindful that they don’t clash together violently and see too loud. They should be subtle and just sync together on the right way.