Handbags for Every Occasion

Though, a lot of us find it therapeutic to stand in front of our collection of bags for minutes before finally choosing one that we will take for the night out. But sometimes, we just do not have the time and/or the options to evaluate what we will use. This is exactly why there are one or two bags that you can use for almost every occasion.

The Tote

Designer tote bags are your safest bet when it comes to going for a handbag for every occasion. And today we now introduce the Unisex tote. Everyone needs a tote to carry their goodies as they are out and about. They tend to give you a more relaxed look and seem like they will carry almost everything in the world. You can take them when you go shopping, to the beach, travelling, or to your friend’s house. The reason these bags are so famous for almost every occasion is because they offer a lot of space for your possessions, going as far as storing laptops and books. A gorgeous Gucci Bamboo Shopper Tote, with casual jeans and tee, and you are ready to go!

The Backpack

The trusty backpack is amazing if you are someone who is on the move a lot. Not only does it look incredibly cool but it also carries documents, water bottles, food items, books, cosmetics, and whatever else you need, without a word of complaint. It might seem crazy to use a backpack for a formal event but hear us out. Imagine wearing a gorgeous Zimmerman or Free People jumpsuit and a Michael Kors Rhea backpack. You would stylish yet completely comfortable. Backpacks usually give the look and feel of being put together, which is very true to a great extent.

The Clutch

The clutch is the epitome of class when it really comes to it. Whether you are going to a dinner party, for a prestigious exhibition, or even for a small run to the grocery store, a clutch like BALENCIAGA Leather Medium Clutch or the Fendi Mini Rush Clutch. The thing about clutches is that they force you to be a little minimalistic when you go out. They make you realize that you don’t have to carry your entire drawer when you step out of the house. All you have to do is add your phone, lipstick, money, and credit cards to it and you are good to go. You are just one Gucci clutch away to look more put together on a casual day out.

Some bags are timeless and bring with them a sense of class that is not often achieved by other types of bags. Hope on to Haute de Flair, and pick your bag today.