A Concealed Carrie Red Compact Bag Keeps Me Stylishly Protected

I enjoy getting outdoors and doing some hunting and going to the shooting range as well. I have always been kind of one of the boys, but in a really feminine and stylish way, of course. Growing up, I was always best friends with my brother, and we continue our bond to this day. I would try to keep up with him in all kinds of sports and outdoor activities, which made me really fit as a girl.

I enjoy being active but having some stylish ways to do it. I don’t want to be just one of the guys when I am at the range or out in the field, and having some nice ways to carry my firearms helps me to show my tough, but feminine style. I got a great concealed carry bag recently that is perfect for holding a handgun or even other personal protection like a stun gun or pepper spray.

My Concealed Carrie red compact bag is my buddy when going to the range and when I am just out and about every day. The bag has a double-sided design that makes it a wallet on one side and a great holder for a firearm on the other. The side with the firearm keeps it very secure and separate from my other things. The main compartment of the bag has dividers that are perfect for credit cards and personal things. I love the stylish details on this bag like the gold chain and the cute wrist strap. The bag is perfect for being ready for an adventure.